Meet Wiglington and Wenks, two brave water rats from England who traveled the world in search of a legacy left by Wiglington’s great explorer ancestor - Carto Wiglington - a series of magic maps that can unlock the secrets of the past and the future and enable the bearer to travel through time and space.

Unfortunately, something of such power was not an easy secret to keep. The magic maps also captured the interests of bounty-hunters and fortune-seekers all over the world—amongst them the very greedy and diabolical Count Cannaregio.

But evil did not prevail. Wiglington and Wenks recovered Carto’s lost magic maps and returned to their hometown in glory, which was later renamed ‘Wiglington Town’ to honour the Wiglington family.

A travelling academy was also established in Wiglington Town to help young travellers fulfill their dreams of exploring the world and uncovering clues about the past and the future, just as Wiglington and Wenks had once done.

All seemed well until Count Cannaregio, who had strangely vanished after losing the quest, reappeared and stole the magic maps from Wiglington Town.

Consumed by greed and the thrill of owning the magic maps, the Count immediately tried to use them.

But instead of being able to harness their powers successfully, Count Cannaregio accidentally created a time portal, transporting dozens of famous people from the past into the present.

After that, nothing more was heard of Count Cannaregio and what happened that night. Then suddenly Beethoven was reportedly sighted in downtown Singapore; Genghis Khan appeared in USA; and Albert Einstein turned up in Australia. There were even more reports of such ridiculous sightings. And the strangest thing of all was that they all seemed to have forgotten who they were.

Wiglington and Wenks knew immediately that their missing magic maps had something to do with this. They would, once again, need to embark on another quest for the lost magic maps and stop the Count before he had a chance to create more havoc. And they would need all the help they could find.

Thus Wiglington and Wenks sent out a worldwide appeal to young Quest Travelers throughout the world to help find the famous missing people of the past and recover their lost memories. It will be up to Wiglington and Wenks and the young Quest Travelers to set the world back to the way it was.

Now the question is… Are you a Quest Traveller?


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